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Questions About Berardi Diet

I’m basing this on his 7 Effective Habbits article, though I’m also taking inspiration from Eatin’ Lean.

I’m trying to lose forty pounds of fat over the next… well, however long it takes, I’m not really rushing.

How would I structure a diet low in fat and high in carbs? Even with a low caloric intake, if I go with a goal of 220 g protein, 193 g carbs, and 61 g fat (2208 calories with a 40%, 35%, 25% split) that works out to 12 cups of mixed vegetables a day! That’s… four bags per day?

This is inopportune for many reasons, including the fact that most of my food is protein instead of carbs and this is a low level of calories for someone of my size and activity level.

Should I eat more rice/bread/etc. throughout the day instead of merely after a workout? Because I have to say I’ve developed a love for flax bread.

Is there a limit to how much starchy carbs I should eat in a day? The Massive Eating articles suggest (to me) that I can eat much more starchy carbs with the P+C, P+F formula, but I don’t want to eat more than 25% fat.

Hey, there, Taking! I can see you’ve been doing some serious research by the questions
you’re asking. Good questions!

The carbs (amount, type and timing) we can play with, but here’s what you need to make sure you’re getting:

  • Daily Protein Requirements = 1g x TBW. Divide that number by the number of meals you eat, usually 6 meals.

  • Daily Fat Requrements = .4 to .5g x TBW. I usually use LBM, but to keep things simple, we’ll start off using TBW. You should make sure you’re getting some EFAs (fish and/or flaxseed oil), monunsaturated fat like olive oil, and saturated fat which is found in the meat you eat.

If you find you get hungry at night, try saving the majority of your fat for the last meal of the day.

Save starchy carbs (oatmeal, sweet poatoes, brown rice, whole wheat pasta) for PWO. Other than that, consume green veggies. The trick with high-fiber carbs is to subtract the fiber from the total carbs. Go ahead and track what we call Net Carbs. Did you realized that you’d have to eat 2 pounds of broccoli to get 25g of net carbs? (grin)

Honestly, try to cut out the bread and dairy. Once you’ve got your diet dialed in and are making steady progress towards your goals, you can see whether or not the bread is a problem. If it is, cut it back out again.

I probably didn’t get everything, but the above should give you a running start. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Thanks for your awesome response. You actually cleared up quite a few mysteries with that single post.

[quote]Tampa-Terry wrote:

  • Daily Fat Requrements = .4 to .5g x TBW. I usually use LBM, but to keep things simple, we’ll start off using TBW.[/quote]

Using my 220lbs TBW (instead of my ideal 184lbs body weight at 8% bodyfat) I get 88g of fat, or 792 calories from fat per day. Then 220g protein, or 880 calories, comes to a total of 1672 calories.

There are so many different suggestions for finding maintenance levels; I’m going to go with the calculation (TBWx12) that brought me 2640.

So lets say I’m eating 2140 calories a day with 35 grams of fibre… that’s 152 grams of total carbohydrates.

fat = 37%
protein = 41%
carbs = 22%

Wow. A little bit of fat makes a lot of difference. I think I’ll tinker with that a little bit, bringing my fat down slightly and my carbs up slightly.

Is Berardi’s nutrient calculator reliable? http://www.johnberardi.com/calc.htm

3108 seems like a lot of calories to lose weight.

Great advice from TT as usual.

I would like to point out something that jumps out at me. It is your choice of a BMR calculation. Man that really seems a little low. 2640.

I am very close to the same weight just under that and that would have me losing wieght at a nice pace around 1-2 lbs a week.

I know everyone is different but I find it better to lean toward the high side and not risk the precious LBM loss of going to low to start. I would say start around 2500 for two weeks and adjust from there.

Just my 2 CC and the fats play a HUGE part in the weight loss and keeping optimal hormone levels while dieting.

Just my little additon to the solid Info TT has given you,

Hope it helps,

Damn forgot.

As for JB’s calculator. I foolw the 7 habits and dont diet diet method pretty damned strict and find his calculations high for bulking and cutting. But that is ME. Some find them spot on many way to high.

I will say that by following the 7 habits I can eat a considerable amount more in total k/cals and lose weight.

carrots, onions and tomato passata style sauces are good ways to get carbs from veggies - I think (hope) TT was joking about using broccoli as a carb source!

Breakdown, I can’t really say I was kidding about the broccoli. It’s high in calcium, cancer protective, high in fiber, low in carbs. What’s not to love? (grin)

Actually, even thought I think broccoli is an awesome choice when it comes to a green veggie carb, I was only using it to explain the concept of net carbs. Broccoli is the only veggie whose numbers I remember off the top of my head.

I do have to say that I like your carb choices as well! Most people tend to eat the same FEW things over and over again. It would benefit us all to get a wide variety of veggies and fruits. The same goes for protein sources.