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Questions About BDWN 2

hi CT, big fan from australia.
Have been following your articles and routines for a while. doing BDWN 1 now switched to BDWN 2, really enjoy them, just the right amount of work.

i just had couple of questions to structure it abit better (to my liking)

Q1 would doing Pull day 1st effect my workouts negatively? or it really doesnt matter? (in the past ive always done lower/Upper Splits)

Q1 does order of technique exercises has to be done precisely or can i do them in any order
for example…

Looking at the program you layed out
D1 Heavy/Cluster > D2 Mtor > D3 Myo, however will it make any difference doing them in different order through the week
something like this. example
D1 MYO, D2 Heavy/Clusters, D3 MTOR

reason im asking, there are days, at times, when i feel like i could have done better, more quality work, if i did a different technique instead of one written on that day.

i WILL NOT change anything unless you give it a green light. following your program as is

thank you

It doesn’t matter as long as you alternate push and pull

Well because of the low volume of work it likely won’t make a difference. But I normally prefer to do the work that has a larger neural implication first. or early in the workout

thank you so much for replies, i will just do technique sets as is, but switch to Pull 1st.

Hi Coach,

I’m doing this programme after running the original version successfully and had a question about the rest/pause. I’m tending to find that I am unable to get near the ‘double your reps’ quota on the rest/pause sets. For example, I may hit 5 reps on the top set (failure or very close). Then something like 2 + 1 on the rest/pause. I aim for 15-20s RIs. Should I take a bit longer, e.g. 30s, add a 3rd rest/pause set, or just persevere with the current set-up if I am getting the desired training effect? I consider myself a Type 3, if this assists.

Many thanks in advance.

Take slightly longer pauses. Maybe start at 20-25, if that doesn’t work, go with 30. If 30 doesn’t work then simply live with the number of reps you are getting as longer than 30 sec you lose the “set effect”. It likely doesn’t matter anyway since it is mostly the hitting failure and causing maximum fiber fatigue that is the goal, not a specific number of reps

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Thanks Coach.

a type 2A can do this program ?

With a type 2A everything works, and everything can be used… but nothing works for long. The good thing is that this plan switches methods a lot, which is appealing to 2As. A 2A could even switch training methods every 3 weeks while maintaining the same approach (e.g. using methods from the first BDW for 3 weeks then methods from part 2 for 3 weeks, then other methods for 3 weeks).

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