Questions About B-6, Other Supps

I have a question for you?

  1. Is thier a level where B-6 becomes toxic, I take a 100mg tablet of b-6 at night along with 1000g calcium 500 mg magnesium & 25 mg zinc with 100mg glutamic acid. I want to add 1/2 that amount aftr my morning w/o which is fairly intense weight training, plus another B-6 tablet do you think that is too much.

Also I do 1 fiber choice with multi every meal 6 meals a day.

After these are empty I am going to just buy a good formula of ZMA

I also do 3 BCAA upon wake up, afte w/o, lunch, and bedtime, 1000mg cla spread over the 3 major meals and bedtime, and a cod liver oil capsule every meal.

This along with protein supplementation with both blended and whey.
any suggestions on improvement or any idea’s to add.


B6 is water-soluble, so if you take too much, you’ll just piss it out. It is involved in nervous function, so I guess if you took one friggin huge dose you would feel pretty weird until your body metabolized it.

I think the B6 would be better in the morning, since it has a slightly stimulating effect (which is why many energy drinks like Red Bull include them as an ingredient.)

I don’t think you’re in any danger taking that much, but I doubt that the cost:benefit ratio is worth it. (By cost I mean $$$)

I hope you meant 1000 mg calcuim, not 1000 g. lol

I would separate the time between the calcium and zinc/magnesium by an hour, since calcium and will interfere with the absorption of the other two.

Honestly though, it seems like you’re going a little nuts with the supplementation. I mean, taking fiber and a multi with every meal, 6x a day? There are some vitamins (A and E for example) that are fat-soluble, so you don’t piss them out and they build up in your system, which can cause toxicity.

So, I’d take the B6 either in the morning, or after your workout, ditch the fiber/multi (if you need more fiber, hit up the veggies), take the zinc/magnesium about 45-60 minutes before the last meal of the day, and take the calcium with the food.

so the cal/mag/zinc should be dumped for a good formula of zma, the fiber choice has the multi combined 1 serving is 2 tabs 4 grams of fiber, thats the reasoning behind 1 tablet at each meal this gives me 12 extra grams of fiber daily at 49 yrs old I think the fiber is important, I eat a ton of organic freh vegt each meal also lol. thx
I will switch the cal/mag/zinc to a ZMA tablet and add the b6 in the morning.
the CLA and Cod liver oil I think are right on the button
also I just started Hot-Rox Extreme to blast the small love handles the rest of the way. I am presently using( or trying )6 OXO for a t boost. next on my try list is Alpha Male.

I’m all for the fiber. Veggies like broccoli and spinach just don’t have enough grams.

Not only does fiber keep the gut functioning well, it supposedly also reduces estrogen.

My favorite fiber supplement – and I have tried a lot – is called FiberSure; it contains a soluble fiber called inulin.