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Questions About ART


Hi everyone, i keep hearing about ART, and i know a net search would be helpful, Ive read small amounts on it but im asking here mostly because to get your experiences from it and opinions on a few questions,

Who needs ART? and how often, should you go once per amount of months or what, when's it recommended?

When should you consider ART? I guess it's mostly to solve issues with muscles pulling on tendons, ROM, tension, pain and what not?

It just seems so expensive, especially if you wanted your whole body done, is it only for the rich and wealthy, like pro athletes? I guess the answer for regular treatment is yes.

How effective is self help techniques in comparison to ART, tennis ball, foam roller, PVC pipe etc, 70-80%?

Guess im mostly asking about your experiences with ART and if it was worth it or not.

P.S, BBB, if you have a few moments to spare would like some words with your privately if possible, cheers.