Questions about Androgel

Hey guys - I know there has been a lot on the topic of Androgel - still trying to make heads or tails of it. Here is the situation - using 5 g for a 3 week period - T levels came back as lower than before - 276 vs. 302. Went ahead and doubled the dose. Have been getting script from physician.

Talked with a HRT doc who said that he sees that all the time because when I had my blood drawn - which was about 20 hours after last application - my body had “used and absorbed” all the T so I was left with what my own testes would have normally produced. Is this possible - I sort of thought there was more of a steady state raise in T levels and that it took at least 3 to 5 days before the levels dropped - at least that is what I had heard from doc and literature. Anyone have thoughts - experiences?

I know Dr Crisler asks his patients on T gel or cream to test 3 to 4 hours after application. 20 hours is quite a long time unless you were trying to make your numbers look low. I’ve never read a post where 5g of Agel worked for anyone long term.

I believe that Agel totally clears you system in 48-72 hours after the last application. Several hours after application your total T was probably in the 500 range. 276 would be the transient total T between applications.

After three weeks you’re shut down and not producing your own T. Your test result is showing the amount of T from Agel you had left after 20 hours.

The doctor you talked to is most likely just parroting what Solvay advertises. In actual practice, absorption rates vary greatly from person to person. This is also true of testosterone half-life which can vary from 10-100 minutes.

You’re finding how Androgel is reacting in your body and that is really what you have to go by, not by what is advertised.

So get tested several hours after applied? Forgive my ignorance, what does the half-life have to do with how it is affects individual/being absorbed, etc.

Finally - so it IS possible for the T ranges to fluctuate from 500 to 276 or whatever in the course of a 24 hour period???