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Questions About Anavar and Primo

Hey so i had some basic questions about anavar

Does it aromatise? I’ve read that it COULD also cause gyno. If there’s no gyno then should hcg be enougg for pct?

Can i take it alone and without any other type of gear?

Now on to the primo… found a turkish website selling it at 22 USD. Foes that sound like sometging legit or fake?

I’d also appreciate if any of you guy’s could share your experience on this n2shampoo thing.


In order:

  1. No, it does not and can not aromatise. It’s a physical impossibility. The only way you could get gyno from it is if you run it solo and theoretically throw your whole system out of whack. But smart people don’t do that, because…
  2. Smart people know that hcg is not a pct drug, and
  3. You never run orals solo. Always have a test base. Period.
  4. Primo at $22 is most likely per 100mg ampule, which means you’ll spend ~$2,112 for a 16 week run at 600mg/w. So whether or not it’s legit is of no matter to you because that’s both wildly overpriced and also (based on your questions) so far outside your level of competency that you should forget about it.
  5. No idea what n2shampoo is but if it’s by the same guys who run Need2BM then it’s likely snake oil.

What he said…

Thanks man. That was useful. I’m thinkong of doing something mild but so far haven’t made up my mind on Var . The reason i brought up primo was because some folks keep stacking it with winstrol (and no test in the cycle) .

Does that even make sense?

Nope. Neither aromatizes which means your E2 without test would be in the tank. You can replace your test with another anabolic in theory as long as you have an aromatizing compound with it. The easiest thing to do however is just run a minimum of TRT level test with most compounds and you would be ok letting the other compounds do the lions share.