Questions About Albuterol Cycle

Doing 2 on 2 off at 12mg daily.

My question is dosing times. I’m currently doing 3 equal doses split across 4 hours each. However, I get jittery 45 minutes to 1 hour after my first dose. I timed my workouts around this where I’d begin about 2 hours after dosing and then again post workout / post shower.

My question, though: Is this counter productive? In other words, will I lose more fat if I workout while jittery? Or does this even matter?

I’m just concerned that my heart might explode or something, so I let that feeling subside before working out. Then, I start my workout with my favorite pre-workout (black coffee) and all seems fine.


No. Main objective is to make you burn more fat while resting. You can use it as a pre workout too (with your coffee), but you take it during the day to increase your oxygen consuption, burnning more fat… I do use the same way and plus, black coffee pre workout!

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