Questions About Adapting Built for Bad to MMA

Coach T,

I have been training MMA for about 7 years now and I have yet to find a program that in my opinion will augment my MMA training; until now… I think…

Currently, I train MMA 2 - 3 times a week and lift the same. If I can only get to MMA 2 times I lift 3 times and vice versa. I am very interested in a simple full body program in which the exercises do not change day to day to allow flexibility during my week. I feel the concepts behind your Built for Bad strength circuits allows for this, but I had a few questions. First off, let me show you what exercises I have chosen to do…

A1 - Deadlift
A2 - Bench Press w/ Fat Gripz
A3 - Front Squat
A4 - Military Press
A5 - Chin Ups

My sole goal is to develop overall total body strength to augment my MMA training. With that said, if I would only be able to train 2 to 3 days a week; would Built for Bad using these exercises be the most beneficial to me? Also, I have studied your articles for many years and the two biggest concepts I have taken away are that if you want to get stronger train the big lifts frequently and strength is developed via movement planes not muscle groups, which leads me to my biggest ques

In my opinion, rotational strength is king in MMA and I have seen my best results with the Full Contact Twist. Would adding full contact twists (5x5 at 75%) at the end of the workout I posted above be to much? Could I incorporate it into the circuit as a 6th exercise or do you think it would be foolish to train the abs within the circuit? I have yet to find a good article that treats rotational movement as a strength / power exercise rather than a bullet point in an Abs / Core article. Finally, would adding Farmer’s Walks at the end be to much?

If you could help out I would greatly appreciate it because my mind is running circles right now and I do not know what to do!