Questions about a Superdrol Cycle

Hi everybody, I came to this forum cause I wana learn something and especially doing steroid’s save. There are experience users out there and also experience bodybuilders who has years experiences with steroid’s. I hereby ask politely if I can be informed and educated in which I wana do next. Cause all I want is do things save.

I wana start with a cycle of 4 weeks suoerdroll to put some mass. What I Wana know is

  1. which are all the supplements or medications I need to lower the sides and have a great 4 weeks cycle of Superdrol.

  2. I read a lot about whey protein, creatine, multivitamins,superfood,pre workouts, and alot more supps that are being recommended besides your normal healthy diet to increase muscle Gain. Do they really work and if so what kind of supps can I really buy word my money?

3.which pct can I used best on this cycle?

I hope I get a alot of comments with information and I really appreciate it alot.

Standard disclaimer here: do not run oral only cycles. They are a bad idea for many reasons.

Now, to answer your queries generally:
Superdrol is powerful. Like…massively powerful. Four weeks is probably the limit of duration for a novice or intermediate user. The sides are awful for some portion of the users. To mitigate said sides you’ll want TUDCA, NAC, a lot of water, and a strong will to push through the lethargy. You’ll probably want to eat a healthy amount of carbs while on it.

Here’s the rub: you’re going to go through four weeks of superdrol, pack on tons of size from mostly glycogen, feel like Hell the last week, then pct for four weeks. When you’re all finished I would bet that you gain very little actual muscle. Almost nothing will make you gain appreciable muscle over four weeks. Will you get more than you would natty? Yes. But will it be enough to justify use? Meh. Probably not. If you told me that you were already built like a Greek god and needed to add an extra few lbs of mass for a show or a shoot and you were getting paid for that extra little bit then I’d say go for it. If you’re just a guy who lifts like most of us then you’ll have a hard time justifying the risk when you have a good understanding of the limited reward.

Superdrol (and many other powerful orals) can be great additions to a genuine cycle. But on their own and over short periods of time they simply don’t deliver enough real muscle to make them worth it.

Thank you irob_yuppie for the information I really appreciate it. You put it very simple. From week 1- 12 I would run testosterone 250mg pinning e3d 500mg/week. Deca 200mg pinning e3d 400mg/week. And in the last 4 weeks of my cycle I would introduced tren prop 75mg pinning eod. After those 12 weeks I would go on pct and like to put pivorine and mk-667 in it.

Can please give me your experience thought on this on?

Don’t use proviron for pct. It’s mildly suppressive and therefor counterproductive.

From your thread, I understand that this will be your first cycle … correct? If that is the case drop the Deca and the Tren and run Test only. If you’re really into stacking on a first one, then you’re better off adding Var or Whinny to the Test during the last four weeks. The cycle you proposed includes too much nandrolone derivatives each week, hell even superdrol combined with Test would be a better idea imo (make sure you have AI, and Nolva for a pct before you start)

Seems like you have a lot of experience…

Themathchemist I appreciate your cycle… this would be my second cycle. I ready run a test cycle alone and really got some amazing result. But now I wana try something new. The reason why I start with superdrol the first 4 weeks is for a kick starter. So if you look at my cycle what would you proposed? Cause I am here to learn.

Okay I see, well in order for us to help you out you’ll need to give us more information like height, weight, body fat %, first cycle results and issues … but to answer your question I would change your cycle as follows:
Week 1-12 Test E 500mg/week
Week 1-4 Superdrol 10/20/20/20
(Optional : Week 10-14 Anavar 50mg ed)
Week 14-18 Nolvadex 40/40/20/20
With an AI in case you need it …
@iron_yuppie is one of the most experienced members on this forum so wait for his input on this and I highly recommend you listen to his advice

I am 1.86 and weigth about 89 kg.
First cycle was sustanon 150mg pinning e3d 300 mg/week. Went from 84 to 87 kg. Then I stopt for 2 years. At present I just wanna start with a good gear and keep it up…