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Questions About 915 Tweaks

Hey Coach,

I’m just finishing up a low carb diet and am gonna start cycling carbs in for a few weeks and then after that get some I3G and Micro-PA and do a 9 week strength cycle at a 15-20% caloric surplus. Strength is my primary goal and I find that the other good stuff tends to follow if I just pursue strength.

I hate to be that guy to ask about modifying a program but the following things are staples in most of my routines and they are intended to aid performance and recovery, not to modify the skeleton of the program. So please let me know if you think adding any of the following would be detrimental:

1: Jumps/Throws. I usually start Squat day with either jump squats or a 50% squat supersetted with vertical jumps. Similar Ideas for Deadlift (Broad Jumps or high pulls) and bench press (plyo bench pushup I wanna call it).

2: Loaded Carries. I usually end each session with 2-3 sets of Loaded Carries. Alternatively I could move this to my optional day 5. Press and Pullups are my weak points so I intended to train these for volume/neural adaptation on day 5 and could spend 20-30 minutes on that and 15-20 minutes doing loaded carries after.

3: Slow eccentrics. I am fast twitch dominant and adding in micro PA really gets me wondering where to work these in for the 915 program? I will get a good dose of them with some assistance exercises (slow squat), but not every movement gets an explicit slow eccentric assistance exercise.

4: Band pulls. I usually superset some variation of these (face pull, pull apart, row, etc) in between pushing exercises due to previous shoulder injury. Better to do on strength days or power days?

5: Finibars. I love these things and want to get some more carbs peri WO while using I3G. Doing some reading it seems hard to go wrong with finibar timing, but my overall protocol looks like this:
-60 micro PA and Indigo 3G
-30 Finibar
-15 Plazma (1 scoop)
0 Plazma (2 scoops)
+60 Mag 10 (2 scoops)

Good as planned?

Much appreciation for your articles and help, CT.

That’s somewhat fine but I wouldn’t do the superset. The goal is just to excite the nervous system not burn energy. You really don’t need much, but a few sets are fine.

I LOVE loaded carries but they do tax recovery. If you decide to add loaded carries I would put them at the end of your workout days and would highly recommend two things:

  1. STICK TO 4 TRAINING DAYS PER WEEK. Do NOT add the optional 5th day

  2. Use the following schedule:

Tuesday: TRAINING NO.2
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: TRAINING NO.3
Friday: OFF
Saturday: TRAINING NO.4
Sunday: OFF

Do not add any slow eccentrics on purpose, lift like you always do. You’ll get plenty of mTor activation, don’t worry

Can be done on either days or both but stay conservative

Actually I now much prefer to have the FINIBAR after the workout. Before it can slow down PLAZMA’S absorption.

I would have the Finibar 30-45 min after the workout

Perfect! Thanks CT, I will go ahead with your recommendations.