Questions Abound....


New member here.I’m a 6’1 205 pound 20 year old,with around 18%BF.
I’ve been lurking around the site for a few months now,reading the articles and looking at the forums.I’ve found many of the answers to alot of my questions from reading the articles here on the site but I still have alot of questions regarding steroids.I realize that I’m not nearly advance enough and I’d perfer to wait untill I’m a little older before I think about using.I’ve only been training for about a year now so I’m nowhere near my genetic ceiling.So if my questions seem newb-ish thats because thats what I am.I just want to try to get as much info as possible for the time down the road when I feel that I’m ready to make the choice on steroids.

My first question has to do with Anti E’s.Would BioTests M be anywhere near a suitable replacement during a cycle using a lower dose like 300mgs a week of Sust or another aromatizing steroid?I found this but I wanted a little more feedback…

"Possibly…probably. I’d hazard an educated guess that M is as effective as Clomid for 75%-80% of the folks out there. And even if it is not 100% effective (say, it is only 3/4th as effective) is SURELY beats using nothing at all.

Brock "

Also if using a lower dosage of an aromatizing steroid can you get by with a lower dosage of Nolvadex.Like whats the ideal amount to take?Could you get by with like 20mgs of Nolvadex every day or every other day if using under 500mgs a week of sust or Test. Enanthate?

Okay last question…this is probably gonna seem like a real newb question to most of you but hey…everyone had to find out these things at one time or another.Whats the diffrence in brands like is there a major diffrence in Sust from Infar and Sust from Organon or Deca from Norma and Deca from Organon?

Sorry for all the questions but I’m hungry for knowledge especially about steroids.

Everything you asked can be answered by using the search engine to the left under t-forums, also look up the “steroid newbie thread” and finally for your safety, about “M” : no absolutely not, you can’t use a nutritional supplement to take the place of a drug like nolva, clomid, or armidex.