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Questioning Unexpected Cycle


A trainer at my gym got me a cycle from mexico. i had intentions of taking 600mg test Cyp and 400mg EQ EW. when i recieved them today i didnt get what i was expecting. instead i recieved 2 viles of test cyp 250, and 2 viles of test enant 300. the trainer said to just take both together at 1100mg EW for 10 weeks.

i dont know much about test only cycles with doses that high. does anyone have any suggestions?
i am going to tijuana next week so other options are possible.
also, has anyone heard of or tried Nova Cypiobol 250 or Nova Enanbol 300?


What is your cycle experience/stats?


I may be missing something here but Test Cyp and Test Enan are both long acting test esters and to my knowledge they are pretty much interchangeable. Besides just raising your weekly dose to 1.1 grams I see no advantage.


That much test will drive your E2 high and that can get you in trouble. You need adex all through the cycle.

What PCT are you going to do?


some people respond better to cyp vs the enenthate.