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Questioning Trenbolone Potency and/or Legitimacy

I am now on day 24 of a 50mg ED Trenbolone acetate and 125mg/week Test E. The lab has high reviews. I have seen little results compared to just a natural gain of muscle. The Tren has the peppery taste when injected and I have slight insomnia but am usually always warm throughout the day. I can’t compare this cycle to anything as I have never ran just a Tren/Test cycle. The past cycles have consisted of tren/test/dbol, test/dbol or just test. Those cycles were very effective but from a different source than this current one. My training and diet has been consistent, while eating at a maintenance level. Would you consider the tren to be fake?

Impossible question to answer.

What are your goals with this cycle? Bulk? Cut? Recomp?


Ok so a recomp is difficult for many reasons. Altho tren is probably the best steroid out that can aid in a recomp.

Heres the problem there is no set guidelines on how to recomp. We all know if you wanna bulk you eat more then maintance and if you want to cut you eat less it’s simple. When dealing with a recomp no one can give you guidelines you have to know how your body responds to each macro. How it reacts to fats, and different carbs at different times of day based around how you trained that day. How your blood sugar responds to different food. And even then there is no set guideline for daily calorie intake. You have to play it day by day based on the above mentioned things.

Sure there is a chance your tren could be fake but it’s not an expensive steroid necessarily so any reputable lab has absolutely no reason to put out fake tren.

Then there could also be the problem of maybe your training sucks for a recomp idk im not looking for you to tell me your training routine because that’s meaningless to me we all respond differently to different training I’m just suggesting maybe looking at other possibilities beside the tren being fake.

Thank you for the response. I understand where you are coming from and I have questioned that myself. Am I just using the chance of fake as an excuse? But all and all, my exercise and diet are to a level that would make any compound noticeable. But i just question how the sides are so unnoticeable. Maybe tweaking my diet to favor one side bulk or the other cut to really notice a specific change.

I dont have many noticeable sides from tren. I overheat a bit easier at the gym and sweat a bit more. I notice mental sides more I feel always energized, altho some people claim the opposite they say it makes them feel lethargic.

You should be noticing some physique changes tho with proper diet and training at those doses. Did you take before pictures something to compare to?

I would def change the diet up and go either surplus or deficit and see how your body responds. Try surplus more carbs training days deficit very low carbs off days and see how your body responds.

Okay I will try that out and yes I did take pictures and took measurements and strength tests as well. But I will try the diet fluctuation. Thank you for the sound advice

Just to clarify, since I was on week 3 of my cycle out of an 8 week span. 5 weeks of the new diet fluctuation would yield some results? This cycle wasn’t completely wasted since I didn’t choose a more extreme approach?

No I wouldn’t call it wasted. The only way I can really see a cycle being wasted using tren is if your training sucks or your in a extreme caloric deficit.

You could always run the cycle 12 weeks if you feel you want to extend it based on a new diet plan/results.

Okay sounds good. But I only got enough for an 8 week span but it’ll be okay. I have this knowledge for the future.