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Questioning training?

How does this sound for a chest routine?
warm up: Stretch, push-ups
workout: 3X6-8 Incline dumbbells, 3X6-8 flat bench, 3X6-8 incline fly’s, 3X6-8 decline,… all done basically in 401/402
please help and add some feedback to what you all think. This is only my chest workout but i workout my other muscles the same way so i just wanted to see what you all had to say.

I used to use almost the exact same workout in my early days of training. Yes, it will work. I made great progress and developed a pretty nice chest. But I also neglected my back, legs and shoulders. And a few years down the road, I had nagging shoulder problems and now I use very little benching in my routine because it reaggravates my shoulder.

If you’re going to do that type of workout, be sure that you also do the same type of volume for your back. And don’t neglect your rotator cuff and shoulders. I personally wouldn’t use that type of routine for too long. But then again, maybe it will work for you. Remember, you don’t need a whole lot of volume to make your chest grow. And it’s also important that you do plenty of horizonal pulling (rowing exercises) for the back to help strength and stabilize yourself. I’ve actually seen better results using one benching exercise (flat or incline) and doing 5-6 sets total. In addition to that, I may do a few sets of dips, but that’s all I do for chest work now other than pushups as part of my Renegade Training. My shoulders thank me.