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Questionable Fish Oils

So I ran out of Flameout and I don’t see myself having the budget to purchase more anytime soon and I find myself at Target the other day, walk past a display of Nature Made supplements and the Omega-3 Fish Oil capsules are two-for-one. $7 for two bottles - I can afford that.

So the label says “Odorless” but when I open these things up, they’re anything but. Now you’re probably thinking they smell like fish. Wrong. These fish oil capsules smell exactly like Elmer’s Glue. Its fuckin gross.

So my question is, would you take these fish oil capsules? Has anybody else had fish oil capsules that smelled like this?

God I wish I could afford Flameout.

Try Costco’s brand. It’s reasonable. But in reality, any brand of quality fish oil or even inferior fish oil is going to approach Flameout in price in the same dosages. My suggestion is to halve the dose of Flameout or just take one pill a day. One pill is still like 4 pills of traditional high-quality fish oil like the Costco brand. You should still see some benefits. And maybe it’s all you need.

i bought a couple containers of really cheap stuff, 3 bucks for 60 and a buck for 30, different brands, I am going to try them both and see how it makes me feel. thats the only way to judge it.