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Questionable Cycle

I am pressed for time and money currently.
Would decent results show from:

D-Bol 20mg daily (3weeks)
Deca 300mg inj. (3weeks)

including an anti-e and an OTC test as post cycle.

I’ve done several 12 week cycles in the past but I just need your views on this short cycle before i move foward.

I would not do it in the form you have it. 3 weeks of dbol is fine. 3 weeks of deca is a waste. In most circles, Test is cheapest amongst injectables. dbol is cheap among orals.

Decent, yes.
Worth your time, debatable.

For the money you spend on Dianabol + Deca you could just buy a larger dose of Dbol and maybe keep it at 3-4 weeks long with larger doses.

One more thing, are you borrowing this from somebody else or maybe buy their left-over stuff? Unless you’re buying Deca in sachets, I don’t know where you’d buy it in such small amounts.

Thankyou for your input, I will put it to good use.

I hate to bother you guys again, and the double post, but I do have a few more questions since this is only my 2nd cycle.

I’ve been informed of Naposin Dianabol 100x for $55. OR is the quality of B.Dragon worth it.

How about these other choices i have compiled:

Naposin D-bol - weeks 1,2,3,4
Avavar - weeks 2,3,4
Stanozolol- weeks 2,3,4
(OTC) Methyl 1-D and Halodrol Gels

Nolvadex and Clomid as PCT

B.Dragon D-bol - weeks 1,2,3
Stanozolol -weeks 2,3,4
(OTC) Methyl 1-D and Halodrol Gels
Nolvadex and Clomid as PCT

Sorry if I seem repetative, but due to my situation these are my choices and concerns, any input would be greatly appreacited. Thankyou

If it were me I would forget the halodrol and the methyl-D
I would also drop the winny.

Ok so D-bol and anavar, which brand of D-bol shall I use.

Either should be fine if they are real. Just get whatever is cheaper. Cut out the mit and halodrol and buy more dbol and var.

Ok so ill double up on the anavar and D-bol,

and should I go w/ a weekly Test Enantherate of 250mg inject.

I’ve never used this Test before, so would my PCT have to change in any way?

Never hurts to have test in a cycle you’ll want to inj it twice a week though. Might want to up that doseage cause 250 is too low. Nolva is still sufficient for pct. Your cycle is going to have to be much longer then you stated though if you’re going to run test-e.

I also hate to be bothersome, but…

There is a tab at the top of this page that says “Search.” In fact, at the top of this forum’s menu there is a thread for newbies.

I don’t think most people mind giving advice to up-and-comers for the most part, but why must you request that your hand be held for this cycle which you’re drastically unknowledgeable for when you could solve all these problems with a couple hours worth of research?

Edit: @Contrl- I understand what you are saying, though I have researched all of the gear i am looking into. I just would like a first hand look at what I am doing so I don’t mess up. This is a big step up from a simple andriol/anavaver cycle. And I also have to add thanks for everyone’s tolerance and assistance in helping me.

Ok so this is what im going for:

------| Anavar | D-Bol | Test E | Nova

Week1------------20mg/day 500mg(2x) 20mg
Week3------------20mg/day 500mg(2x) 20mg

week8,9,10 Clomid 50mg daily + Liv 52

^Chart is messed up give me time to fix it

I total at $465 from “24hr”. This is a little expensive and far from my original cycle. Any suggestions.

3 weeks of Test E is not long enough. You won’t notice anything for a couple of weeks, at which point you’re comming off.

To make it simple, just run the Test alone for 8 weeks or so. You’ll notice some appreciable gains a few weeks in. This way you allow your body to reach homeostasis, instead of riding a hormonal rollercoaster.

BTW, what do you mean you’re pressed for time? Your going to need to find the time if you’re set on doing a cycle. If you’re looking for a quickie, Test Prop might be something to consider, but the longer you’re on the better (to a point). It’s all about finding the equilibrium :slight_smile:

This is what happens when some1 with A.D.D. decides to do a cycle.

5 Weeks Test Prop.
3 Weeks Anavar (2 weeks into the cycle)
Nova during entire time.

This fits perfect in my price rage, but will be gains be noticeable? How does that sound

I’ll save the D-bol cycle for September, don’t worry about another post like this in sept.