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Questionable Chiropractor

              okay, this is something of a long story. so bear with me. earlier this year i went to pt for my elbows. and for about 2 months i experienced a massive improvement in my training. i was not able to lift without medial elbow pain for a year or a year and a half. but after pt, i was basically bak to normal. and it was great. but i felt a tingling in my pinky and ring finger that sent a shock down my arm. and went bak to the do for a nerve test. they said that there was only minimal medial nerve impingement.

but it was enough for me to be bothered to go see a chiro , i wanted to get some art to possibly lear it up. the she proceeded to tell me that the reason that my elbows were having this issue was because the ligaments i my body were laxing. and told me that the only way to help it was to “re-injure” my elbows and let them heal all over again. and slowly work the scarring out. funny thing is she said there wasn’t much scarring in them. in the muscles so to speak.

and for the past 3-4 months i have been paying 55 bucks every 2 weeks and sometimes weekly to get the scarring worked out. at first she said id be able to just go bak to training one the stuff healed, now shes saying ill need a slow rehab… she changes the prognosis. i got some art form someone else who cleared my hamstring up i early a session. and when i talked to the orthopedist they said nothing was wrong with my elbow on the mri other than a little nerve impingement.

im sick of this frankly. and have another appointment with the ortho aug 5 to ask about ligament problems, because i really dot feel shit. and they didn’t think that was an issue. ive heard of lifters living with nerve issues. to me , im sure ive been scammed. im going to start the light rehab protocol they gave me in February before i was fucked by the chiro and go get an opinion from the ortho, and and hopefully find a chiro who will free up the muscular adhesions without making go for months, i cant belive how these people sam you. im going to get a legitimate test. this all sounds extremely fishy to me, how i could go from being pumped and strong to having some person take me through another 4 months of hell. has ayne else had experiences like this?

All I can add is I’ve seen a ART chiro for a nerve impingement my doctor told me was impossible to fix. After about 3-4 weeks my nerve wasn’t sending shockwaves through my arm anymore, so it worked. The tendon still snaps at my elbow joint and I can’t do a clean movement or else the impingement will happen, but I’ll take being able to do 99 percent of daily activites pain free.

Look up Ulnar Nerve Entrapment, that’s my best guess from what I see. I’d stop pissing away money at the chiropractor and see an orthopedic doctor. You need a real diagnosis to be evaluated for the best treatment.


Listen to your body. The first thing that a chiropractor will do when a person walks through their door is find something “wrong” with them. I have been to two different chiropractors in my life. Both completely unnecessary but they saw fit for me to still come in twice a week and give them 2 grand for the next three months. Chiropractors are not doctors, listen to your doctors. Chiropractors can help some people, my mom got a better alignment or something. But she doesn’t need it anymore.

I would have gone through the same experience as you if I had listened to the chiropractor that my mom recommended to me, again they helped her, but as soon as I get there he gives me a complimentary x-ray, and I thuoght it was awesome, i get to see my bones, then he showes me my spine, and he gives me the spiel, “yeah you can see here how this vertebrae is supposed to be lower than the other one, probably caused by heavy squats.” Then he recommended I come back the next day and get more tests done. I have never had back pain. Focus on mobility work like foam rolling and stretching and you will keep your body healthy after you heal from this now.

Some chiros keep you coming back forever. I know 3 that are quite good that I totally trust. One helped my wife after her car accident, she saw another when she had a lifting injury a couple of years back and again, she got relief.

I’m seeing one now, I go 1X a week and pay him cash since my benefits cover so many visits. The original MRI results of my cervical and thoracic spine compared to my latest are quite dramatic. I’m doing better, but have a ways to go.


3-4 months is a very long time to not have significant results. By pt did you mean physical therapist? If so they seemed to give you great results you could always check with them to see if there is anything you could be doing differently, especially as they already have given you great results in that same injury.