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I was just curious about these "steroid" pills that are claimed to work amazing like Deca in pill form is there such thing? DBol? and others


You don't make any fucking sense. What steroid pills? Do you mean oral deca? Because there is no such thing. Dbol? What about DBOL?!?! Yes it does work. How bout you make some more sense next time, eh?


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If you are talking about "legal steroids" as advertised in some magazines, in a pill form, then I would say no.

They are all garbage.

The only thing in a pill form is D-bol (methandrostenelone), winstrol (stanozolol), and anadrol (oxymethelone). Check the spelling on the chemical names when purchasing.

Also, there is now a new equipoise to hit the streets in a pill form. Yes, I said EQUIPOISE. I'm pretty sure it's made by the British Dispencery, but I'll have to check and make sure for you guys.


There is also one being produced by British Dragon, I don't know if that is the one you are referring to.


Read man! Damn! I know no one knows everything, but you clearly want someone to do it for you.It aint hapnin.You got some good people here with a lot of knowledge.Don't screw it up bro.Pull your load and they will help you all they can.



Oral eq? Cool, although I kinda like spot inject of eq in my bi's.


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Learn something new everyday. Never heard of any oral EQ.

Oral Deca, Yeah according to RAUL its some good shit. LOL.



Hmm wonder what woulda happened if you pinned that bush?