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When should i take my shots, morning, after workout(which would be in the evening I workout at 300 p.m. everyday) or before I go to bed? Another thing is it true that i should use a heating pad to warm it up so that It dont cramp or cause me pain, and what about rubbing the area once injected, is that bad or good? If you already posted the answers to this type of question send me the link.

Just in case you need this info I am injecting tren and sust.

Also now that my shoulders are getting bigger sleeping on my side is not really an option because I wake up in the morning in pain, in the shoulder area, the joint more or less. Does somebody else have this problem and what did you do, should i train myself to sleep on my back?

try fast flex it worked for me u can get it at GNC its like six pills but its ok.