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all right i was going to do the APF junior powerlifting nationals may 7th…but i just go a job and start training that week and cant get off to go to the meet…so now the next meet i can get too is IPA worlds july 9th that puts me 15 weeks out from my meet right now…i have 2 cycles worth of 50mg of Winstrol (oral) per day and 25 mg of dbol…i was going to run 50mg of Winstrol (oral) per day and 25 mg of dbol, starting this week for 4 weeks before the meet i am now going to miss…i have enough stuff for 2-5week cycles if you had 15 weeks before a meet with this gear when would you do the cycles…i want to do 2 cycels in the 15 week period but need to be on the week of the meet…thanks for any help…bm

Can you post exactly how much winstrol and dbol you have in mg?
I am very confused by your post, what are you asking?

personally i would add some test and tren and probably drop the winstrol as it causes some people to have achy joints. tren will definitely help increase strength.

have enough to run two 5 week cycles of win @ 50mg’s a day and d-bol @25mg a day…i did run tren and d-bol during my last training cycle…i loved it… but a little too much. i gained way to much weight was tipping the scales at near 315-320 and i compete in the 308 weight class…right now i weigh 282 and dont want to gain more than 10 pounds with mild to good strength increase and INCREASEd MUSCLE RECOVERY, i am looking for very very mild to no weight gain…p-22 told me this cylce should do the trik a couple of months ago and now i have all this gear and am not sure how to space it out over the next 15 weeks should i run a 5 week cycle now take 4 weeks off and run one from 5 weeks out until meet day…or should i maybe run one short cycle and one longer cycle…bm

the weight you gain has more to do with diet then it does with chemicals. if you want to gain strength then run a 6-8 week test(cyp or enanthate),tren,dbol cycle. ending right at meet time. this is an incredible strength cycle. it is a mass builder too. but, controlling your diet is the key. if you are 282lbs now and compete at the 300+ level then you shouldnt have a problem. if you know what your doing then 20lbs is plenty of room to gain superior strength without going out of your class. its all about the diet bro!

Drago is right, but water retention will also play a factor. dbol taken in smaller amounts will help gains but not cause excessive water retention. A combo of Oral stanozonal and dbol is a good cycle. I recall BM saying that in his current living situation, the use of needles was not an option. The only
recomedation I can give is that you continue the cycles as planned, take a rest at the end of the current cycle then re start for you next competition. If I were to change anything, going into the next comp, I would try using tren and halotestin

If all you have it 2 5-weekers worth of winny and dbols, why not do one 5 week cycle, endint the day after the meet, with 100mg winny and 50mg dbol???

Better strength gains than 2 5weekers

Yea p-22…thats what i was thinking…i could use needles now but here is what i found after my last cycles where i used 75 mg tren and 50 mg d-bol… i think the tren is wonderfull for lean mass but the strength gains of tren were not as great for me…the only cycle i did before this cycle was a d-bol only cycle of 25 mg and the strength gains of that cycle were as good if not better as the tren and d-bol combo…but i gained a lot more mass from the tren…this time around i dont really care if i gain any mass becuase when i hit the 300 pound level no matter how much gpp i do my conditioning goes to absolute shit…and on that tren cycle i gained a ton of water my head looked like a pumpkin…my main goals are muscle recovery if i can get some strength gains great but even on tren the strength gains came slowly…tell me what you think of this go with the win-d-bol cycle now for 5 weeks take some time off and then add test to the mix for 5 weeks before the meet???..thanks for the help guys…bm

Its interesting you would say that you gain ++ water retention from tren. Tren is known as being one of the drugs that is great for cutting and causes zero water retention. I used it extensively for my precontest stack and was very satisfied with it. It may just be how your body reacts to tren or it may have been the brand that you used? Have you had this reaction with more than one brand or ever tried home brew?

As far as adding test, just bear in mind that it will drastically increase the amount of water you retain. For me it causes nasty back pumps and I hate to think of a test and dbol combo for myself. The back pump saps the strength right out of me. If you are going to use test I recomend using suspension or propinate. Then on your last week to 10 days before the competition stop the test, allowing yourself to diuress a bit and increase the winstrol, or Halo.
You see where I am going with this? It is my experience that slight water retention isn’t bad but too much is performance impeding. Anyway good luck with whatever you decide to do! P-22

If you money isn’t too tight you could throw in some oxandrolone, maybe 30mgs a day. Wouldn’t cause any water retention.

Ok maybe you guys are going to laugh at this but, what about adding some injectable 4AD. TrenFreak tried it out a while ago and said it reminded him of winstrol in regaurds that it gave him strength and made him sweat like crazy day and night. The sweating all day and night would deffinantly keep you from gaining water weight from the dbol and you could run this next to your winny to increase its affects and not hurt your tendons any more than nessary.
I know I am new to this but, I do try to pay attetion to you guys and put in my 1 cent everynow and then when I remember something some one said. Hope this helps.