What lifts can I use for hamstrings in the Y. The couple times i’ve been their i’ve never seen people doing deadlifts or stuff like that. I was thinkin good mornings maybe, or just doin deadlifts. Or is their somethin these people do i’m not aware of for the hamstrings?

thanks guys

Go in the archives of t-mag and Christian Thibaudeau and Coach Davies both wrote articles on hamstring training. I think TC wrote one too. Stick with good mornings, variations of deadlifts (romanian, stiff legged, conventional, etc and glute ham raises. These will all blow up your hamstrings.

Aiight cool. Thanks man.

Chad Waterbury also had some good stuff about training hams; look up his name for his awesome articles, also stuff from Charles Poliquin in the earlier issues…
For me, running backwards (no joke) works well for endurance… I usually focus on prioritizing my hams before quads, doing the “plate drags” to cool down… reverse hypers with weights, etc.

Good luck !