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Which method of low carb dieting do you prefer for a bodybuilder getting into contest shape? Lyle Mcdonald method Cyclical Keto diet of 1g of protein per lb of LBM and the rest of the calories coming from fat. Or Charles Poliquin, Eric Serrano methods claiming on a low carb diet your body will use protein for fuel so you can increase it to 1.5 -2 g per lb of LBM.Do you think fat loss will slow down if your carbs are to low for to long such as the fat fast diet. Ie your body adapts to it. Charles claims that if glycogen falls to low GH response is limited for lack of Lactate. My goal is to get into contest shape as quick as possible I am 208lbs 14% BF currently on the fast fat diet slightly modified. Beef cla and fishoil for breakfast, casein whey mixture with udo’s, Lunch is tuna, +Large salad, olive oil dressing, Meal 4 Casein WHey shake with udo’s, Last meal Beef CLA and Fishoil with olive oil and Zuchinni. Calories are around 1800 with around or slightly above 200g protein, 100g of fat and 30 g of carbs. I am on androsol. Any adivice?