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Question, Validity


I’m writing a book and would like to ask somebody: whether the pictures on pages, 379-396 do match the descriptions below them.
I’m especially concerned with the one marked.

I’d be thankful, if somebody can confirm their validity.

Link to the book is: www.xernt.com/x
Mirror: http://www.scribd.com/doc/173837388/The-most-Important-knowledge-you-Would-ever-Read-implement-and-Live-up-to-forever

Sounds like a great fucking book.

I always take training advice from someone who advises me to do “3-4 series of 6-10 repeats”.

I’m far from an expert, but if there is anybody who SHOULDN"T be giving training advice, it’s you. I try not to be such a dick normally, but the idea that some poor fool might actually read this book and follow the advice given scares the shit out of me.

Is this a training manual or a self help book? Rather preachy either way, but I admire the dedication it must take to write a book.

Anywho what exactly is your question?

Those pages are a series of black and white exercise slides, are you asking if they are labeled correctly and if so why are you doing it in the steroid forum…?