Question: V-Diet Transitional 2wks

Ok so this is my 2nd week off the diet, I kept my carbs and cal intake low, but I was wondering if I should now start upping them up?

I’ve been keeping Carbs at 100 for workout days and 75 for non-workout days. Calories at 2000 for workout days and 1700-1850 for non workout days.

I’m going into my second week and planning to start bulking in another two.

So would it be wise to start increasing my cals and carbs now? So hypothetically would it be good to raise my carb intake to 150 on workout days 100 for nonworkout days and then calories to 2500 workout days and 2250 for non?

I just don’t think it would be too smart to stay at where I am for the next couple of weeks and then jump back up to 300+carbs and 3200+ cals.

So far have only gained 1 pound back as well.