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Question to Jim: If You Could Do it All Over Again

Hi Jim,

If you could start your powerlifting career again, how would you train?
Assuming you would use 5/3/1, would you just for example go for rep pr’s or do advanced 5/3/1 for example?

Honestly, I regret or wouldn’t change anything. I’ve accomplished every single goal I wanted to do in my life and am still setting and reaching goals. I fucking hate stagnation.

Remember that for first 15 years of my training life, I trained with one top set (PR set) and did loads of sprints, jumps, runs, etc. I ended up with a 725 squat and 405 bench press, 39 inch vertical, 5:30 mile at around 225.

Rep PR’s build strength of body and soul. Always have.


Thanks for sharing. I always find I keep coming back to rep pr’s, as I too find it is the most effective way of building strength and character