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Question T-Cyp Remaining in Syringe

I was trying to learn more about my T dose. I inject .17ml T Cyp (34mg) EOD, and I noticed that there are a fair amount of T remaining in the syringe. So here’s my question, if I have been injecting .17ml T or 34 mg T Cyp EOD x 15 /4 = 127.5mg per week.

But, I have approximately .4ml’s remaining in the syringe after I inject, so my body is actually getting .13ml’s (26mg) or 97.5mg’s per week.

When asked the question how much testosterone are you taking, which is the correct answer? Do we just use the .17ml amount and there is either an assumption made for “waste” or do you explain what the actual amount is.

Or if a recommendation is made to increase your dose to 125mg, would I calculate waste, or just draw the T to target line on syringe?

I was wondering because, I was reading an article saying that “most” guys are best around 120mg weekly of injected testosterone, so I guess I could be low or about on target.

To make matters more confusing, I imagine different syringes and needle lengths offer varying amounts of waste, so how is a testosterone expressed in terms of injected dose, and is there a good sub-Q syringe needle combo to minimize waste?

I’m using a 25 gage BD 1ML Syringe 5/8 Sub-Q


USA: Go to Walmart and in most States, you can get insulin syringes without a script.
Get doc to Rx if needed. Some states restrict because of drug abusers.
Get 0.5ml, #29, 1/2" Relion house brand, around $14 for a box of 100.
No waste with those.

You meant .04ml’s remaining?