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Question: Supps. to increase males ejactulate.

Hey guys,

anyone know of supplements to increase a males ejactulate, sperm count and improve motility?

Some have said they have mixed results with things like Tribex, vitex, Horny Goat Weed, Androsol and yohimbee.

I dont mean this in just a macho, porno thing of drowning a woman in sperm (aka Peter North, even though that isnt a negative either). But the bigger a guys “load”, the deeper the contractions of the orgasm. And even a woman cant argue that a man should have to settle for a weak feeling orgasm. And not only just sex per say is this important, but if there are natural supplements to increase a guys load and sperm count, than that means he is also raising his T levels for things like strength and muscle gains.

To answer your specific question, I’ve seen posted here that Vitex increases the “load”, but I haven’t experienced that myself. The article last week on Mr. Day has a couple things quoted on the subject (don’t remember what they were offhand). But your question on the contractions is a different matter entirely, and can be accomplished without supps. You can train the muscles the provide that contraction the same as any others. While urinating, interrupt the flow by contracting the muscles. Those are the same muscles involved in male orgasm. Sets and reps are up to you.

Read the interview with Dillon Day in this week’s issue of T-mag. He recommends plenty of protein and a banana before doing the deed.

If you are feeling self conscious about not having a big load I recommend you keep the lights dim (or nail her from behind) and when the time comes for you to ejaculate , simultaniously spit on her back.

Well, the best way to increase your loads is not to have sex for a couple of days (ha-ha, but it is true).
The volume of your ejaculate has nothing to do with the no. of contractions and intensity of an orgasm. Even if you run out of ejaculate you will still have contractions. All the things mentioned in your post are said to work (mainly by the people who sell them) - if they really do, I don’t know (haven’t seen any spectacular difference). What you really should do (and not only for that reason) is stay hydrated. And take your time during sex.

Tribex+vitex=Demo Dick the human cake decorator.

I haven’t noticed any increase in ejaculate from using Tribex and “M”, but I have noticed that sensitivity has increased ten fold. It sucks because I want to “pop” way too soon. I’m almost through my last Tribex cycle, and I won’t be using it again. Have you or anyone else noticed the increase in pleasure or sensitivity while using Tribex?

No, I haven’t noticed an increase in sensitivity while on Tribex/vitex, but my overall sex drive definitely increases (which can actually be a bad thing as I’m horny 24/7 anyway). The most noticeable side effect is the fire-hose I’m carrying around in my pants. Remember though, that I’m taking Solaray vitex, not M. I’ve never used M, so I don’t know if that would turn me into a “two-pump-chump”, as it were (no offense!-LOL).

where is this Mr Day article u guys are referring to? In which issue 3 is in it???

Nate, why won’t you be using the Tribex again?

Never noticed that effect myself, Nate. If anything, I feel like I can go longer on Tribex. And the number of hard-ons daily is well, teen-like.

Longer Duration=bigger payload.
Shorter Duration=smaller payload.

Simple as that. :slight_smile:

With 3 caps of M and a gallon of water per day, I’m able to fill a jigger (1.5 oz).

The main reason I’m not going to use Tribex again is because I never noticed any difference when I do take it. And I have used it numerous times at different doses. My sex drive is already high, so it never caused an increase. And it never helped with strength or mass gains. And most recently, I’ve realized that it has actually increased my sensitivity during sex. It was weird, but the weeks off, I was okay. But as soon as I got back on Tribex, I could barely contain myself. So I’m finishing up my last cycle and calling it quits for now. Maybe a few years down the road, when my “T” is lowered, I’ll use it again. But right now, I don’t have any “T” problems.

I’ve been using Solarat Vitex lately and it has definitely increased the volume of my “pop,” even without the Tribex.

I’m currently taking Tribex & M as directed and I can definately say that the load has doubled easily. Sensitivity is up though. Must think about fat chicks, golf, and physics to last the first time around. Recovery is down to 10 mins or so then I’m ready to go again.