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Question / Stealth Injectables


I realize they come in essentially small packets similar to ketchup, but I have a few questions. How many ml do the packets usually contain, and once the packet is punctured, how do you keep the rest of the oil from seeping out?


I think most come in either 5ml 20ml or 50ml, the idea is to draw ALL the fluid into a syringe and keep it stored in the syringe


Just trying to help here. If you have the ability to obtain Stealth products, they also have pretty explicit instructions on how they are used on the website.


I was looking into getting some Stealth products. However it seems it's pretty hard to get stuff through them. Are there any other similar brands that anyone would recommend? Thanks.

The instructions say something about taking all of the product out of the sachet and injecting it all into a sterile, sealed vial. At least this would be the case if you had say 20-50ml of test to deal with.



all good ideas in this thread for handling the oil. Does anyone know of the quality/dosage of this stuff? Is it fairly legit? I've read mixed reviews on boards but I believe one of the negative reviews was from a "competing" dealer.


Store the product in a sterile vial after drawing it out of satchet. It's a 2 step process.



Is the oil supposed to have even the slightest fragrance. I smelled the inside of one of the sachets after it was empty and it had a peachy smell to it.


I dunno how it's supposed to smell; maybe they added a nontoxic fragrance to make it look like aromatherapy oil? Nah, I doubt that. It's probably a normal smell. I wouldn't be complaining as long as it's the real deal and it works.

I was interested in the Stealth line but the supplier wanted a minimum order of at least US$200 and all I wanted was 1 or two trial sachets just to see if they'd get through to my country first. No use wasting $200 if it's just going to get seized!

Any of you Aussies out there had any success in receiving Stealth Injectables without seizure by Customs?


It comes thru aussie customs fine atm.

I smelt the oil from an empty packet I cut open. Seems more like a strong bitter oily aroma than a peachy one.


I remember the redi-ject Sostanon has a distinct cinnamon odor, ah the memories...