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Question regarding T-dawg diet, help!

The t-dawg diet says to weigh urself than multply by ur metabolism speed, in my case 16. Then u are supposed to subtract 500 calories per day. So does that mean, every day ur supposed to take off another 500 cals? So for me that would be (200x16=3200-500=2700), so would I take off another 500 on day 2 which would leave me at 2200, then another 500 on day 3 which would be 1700, and so on? Or is it supoosed to be 500 calories every week? Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question-please help!

I can’t help but laugh at this post :0) Consider this: You are asking whether you need to subtract 500 cals every day? 7days x 500cals = 3500cals. That means that on day seven you need to consume -300cals? See, because 3200-3500=-300. Now I would love to see someone consume a negative number of calories. How would the diet look like? Hmm…

Monday(2700): bacon, eggs, beef, chicken, mess 'o greens salad, protein shake, peanuts

Tuesday(2200):similar to monday

Wednesday(1700):similar to monday, eliminate eggs and bacon

Thursday(1200):eat some eggs, chicken and the salad

Friday(700):eat a McD’s Big Xtra!

Saturday(200):hmm…time to eat 1/4cup of peanuts. Oh wait, that’s all you can eat today.

Sunday(-300):negative calories? hmm, maybe try cutting the lard off the middle with a large hunting knife. You would have to be very careful, of course, since you’d have to do this every sunday.

Hope this helps!

It means to subtract the 500 once and that’s the amount you should be getting every day. In other words eat 2200 calories per day.

Ah, I’m pretty sure it means just 500 calories, period (in your case, 3200 - 500 = 2700). :slight_smile: Of course you may need to play with that a little bit after a while depending on your goals and what you see/feel happening.

 Exactly. Keep subtracting. 
 day 1- 2700; 
 day 2- 2200
 day 3- 1700
 day 4- 1200
 day 5- 700
 day 6- 200
 day 7- -300

 And so on. At this point u might want to contact the breatharian foundation, move to colorado, and live off the energy ur body synthseizes from the sun, much like plants do. U won't be any closer to ur bodybuilding goals, but u might have become a moron if u ever listened to the idiot who runs the foundation ( i had to mention that in there somwhere - the guy's an idiot). 

In all seriousness, u know the answer. Damn, u gotta have a last bit of common sense in there.