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Question Regarding Syringes


Im a newbie to gear so bare with me. My question is regarding syringes. In my state leaglly you can purchase 10 syringes W/O a prescription. Ive seen on the websites for syringes, that more often than not, youll have to buy a box of 100. If I order a bulk box(100)would I have a problem shipping it to my address? Any other tips would be much appreciated.


where do you live?


I buy in boxes of 100 from research supply or amazon with no problems. Im not aware of any law against this but I live in Maine. The only time I remember seeing restrictions on where something could be shipped was when buying everclear and it was stated very clearly where they could and could not ship it. Good luck.


Yeah I live in Ct. I guess its not that big a deal. The laws vary, i just wanna be careful with what i do as far as Gear and this stuff goes. Ill check out amazon, and ive also checked ebay which seems very reasonable... thx guys


steroids are illegal. if you are going to have those, who cares about a charge for syringes?


I live in PA and buy online without a problem in quantities of like 200. You'll be fine


If you really wanna play it safe, check your state's laws. Buying syringes here is legal. You can actually go to your local health clinic (in pa) and get free syringes. They do it just so addicts dont share needles.


The laws in CT state that you can buy 10 W/O prescription. I know that, but the question is if its sent through mail, will anyone be checking what ive purchased? I know gear is illegal but I can get it W/O it being sent through postal services, so in a sense its more of a problem to get the syringes.


I can only buy 10 at a time from the pharmacy's in Maine but have never run into a problem having boxes of 100 sent to my house. If your really worried about it you can buy your syringes from a vet supply place and if anyone asks you can tell them there for your dog.


You shouldn't have any problem, no. My company always ships discretely and in a blank USPS package.


ok, you guys convinced me theres no problem. "there for my cat, and when I put glue in those little notches on my wide collection of model cars." One more question, whats the best gauge size for test?


I draw with 21 gauge and inject with a 25. I also leave the syringe in a glass of hot water while i shower making it easier to push thru the 25.


21 would be bigger correct?


Yes sir.


I like girls so i go 23 all the way around lol but it all comes down to preference :wink:


You guys that dont use insulin syringes are silly.


Small pin would be nice. how do you fit enough volume in those things though?


what do you mean?

you fill them up to the top, just like any other device with a limit lol. I dont inject more than 1ml in one site.


Ok that was kind of a stupid question lol. So if you needed more you would just use more pins?