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Question Regarding Supplements



I've searched as much as I can but I can't find the name of a supplement you have mentioned previously that you've had success with. It increases free Test via either lowering SHBG and/or Oestrogen.

Would you mind reminding me what it is?

Many Thanks


eurycoma longifolia (longjack or tongkat ali)


Thanks CT, this new forum is superb!!!



Wondering if you could give me some more info regarding glycerine (liquid) and the correct amounts to take... (or if it is even worth it) I am looking to put on some size and wanted to try adding this to my diet, but am having trouble finding the correct amounts that I should consume.

Thanks Again


It's not something that will increase muscle mass. It will only give you a cosmetic effect. Meaning that consuming it, will pull in water into the muscle cells and blood vessels creating a larger looking muscle. It is a transient effect, not a long term one


Coach Thibaudeau,

My testosterone levels were quite low (and the symptoms are evident), and i seem to have a lot of fat on the chest area. This indicates androgen problems, am i right? I also have a cortisol problem but i already treat that with PPS and Glycine.

What supplements would be best for me in the case of androgens?

What supplements/herbs are in your opinion the best to raise testosterone levels?

Thank you for your reply, i have learned from you writings VERY much!


hi coach.before long time you write to me that the best anabolic/recovery mix is to take 5 times a day from 5 to 10 grams bcaa(or leucine) creatine glutamine glycerine and Surge supplement from Biotest.today you are also sure that is mix is okay for anabolic/recovery reasons?i am a competitive weightlifter wo trains 6 times the week.

also i want to ask you because in my country dont have Biotest supplements from whAT company is best to use post workout supplement which is like Surge?also i want to ask you what supplement combination is best to use for during the workout?

also because i follow anabolic diet principles which is the best method for glycogen substition after the training.please coach answer to my questions because i am so confused about supplements and i think i need it in my training schedule and life style.plase answer to my questions.iam looking forward to hearing for you.


Coach, when you say trasient effect how long of a time frame are we talking about? I get very dehydrated on low carb diets( constantly urinating) which causes my workouts to suffer, and I get slight twinges or strains when going heavy. Would taking glycerol with plenty of water let's say a few hour before the workout keep my muscles "water logged" so to speak for the workout?


Yes it would. Try:

2-3 tablespoons of Glycerol
10g creatine
5g of sea salt
1000ml of water


Hi Coach,

What are your thoughts on dosing/extract strength for longjack? I have some 1:100 coming in the mail which I'll be capping myself, and have read that as much as 2g per day should be taken to reap the benefits.

What was your extract/dosing protocol when experimenting with this supplement?

Many thanks for your input.


Could this combo be used as a cheap alternative to the FINiBAR and Workout Fuel? I realize these two products do many different things, but one thing you talked about was pulling fluids into the muscles.

Today I took glycerol, creatine and sea salt about 45 minutes before my workout, then two scoops of Recovery 10 minutes out. Sipped some CH during the workout. Volume was pretty low (week 11 of Get Jacked) but I got an insane pump and felt strong.

I do have a box of bars and a tub of Workout Fuel coming on Friday, so I'll be doing my own comparisons...just curious to see what you thought.

On a side note, how does Anaconda taste? PeptoPro tastes like dirty diapers.



What is your opinion of taking GABA before bed to enhance the quality of sleep? Also, i tend to get a tingling sensation in my face and hands when taking this supplement what exactly does this reaction mean?

Thanks in advance for your wisdom, the new forum looks great.


I've read a few writings where the authors maintain that the increased water uptake caused by creatine actually creates a more anabolic environment in the muscles. Would Glycerol be of any benefit in a similar manner, or is this just best left alone except for the last day or a contest prep?

Thanks Thibs.



There is indeed some evidence that increasing intramuscular pressure could be a stimulus for protein synthesis, whereas a decrease in such pressure stimulates protein breakdown.

So in that regard, anything that can increase intramuscular pressure (mostly by being stored in the muscles or by pulling water into the muscles) might be of help when it comes to gaining strength and size. Since glycerol can help pull water into the muscles, yes it could help besides with peaking.



Have you heard of a supplement called Beta-Ecdysterone? If you have, any thoughts?


Damn, way to pelt him with questions, guys, I think you're scaring him away...


Yes I have... I thought that it died years ago. Looks like for some reason it was brought back from the supplement cemetery. Don't waste your money.


Coach, this question is regarding supplements, but not the training effect, but rather general health effects. I'm a singer and I typically take a good amount of fish oil. However, right now I'm overseas in Europe and have been for two months. I ran out of fish oil two weeks ago and haven't taken any since.

Now for about a week and a half my voice has been very hoarse, scratchy most of the day, limiting my singing and speaking abilities, completely tapping out by about 2pm. Could this be due to the absence of fish oils or any other oils?


No doubt. The benefits of fish oil on airways inflamation are well documented.


Is that characteristic unique to fish oil or does perhaps olive oil have the same effect? Thanks for the reply.