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Question Regarding 'Six Weeks To Superhero' Program


Hey guys,

I was just reading this program and while it sounds excellent, I want to clarify something that was expressed in the article.

At one point, Christian mentions that on this program it is possible to (paraphrasing here) "gain muscle and lose fat" while in this program. Now, I've always been taught that a calorie surplus = absolute necessity to gain muscle, but also promotes a certain amount of fat gain. Conversely, a calorie shortage = burning fat.

How then, is it possible to do both at the same time?



im not sure how or why it happens but when i was cutting weight to make my weight class for wrestling i was doin a 5 day body part split and running a minimum of an hour and a half 5 days a week. i weighed 220 to start and got down to 190 and i never got more than 1200 calories a day but i still gained muscle and strength.


Right now I'm focusing on increasing strength and dropping some bodyfat. I'm using a calorie deficit and following the Anabolic Diet plan and tomorrow I start my 9th week of the Superhero Complex. So far my strength is up (10lbs OHP / 15lbs BP) after 9weeks and my bodyfat is down roughly 3 percentage points. If you want to gain mass on this program I think you can if you apply the appropriate diet plan. If you want to improve strength and body comp on this plan with a calorie deficit you can do that too.


Thank you for your responses,

However, I am still curious how Christian claims that both are possible at the same time. I just don't see practically how it works.


From an exercise perspective it probably has something to do with the heavy lifting and the exposive / ractive movements. You actually need decent work capacity to get through these complexes. If you set your diet up correctly to lose healthy weight you'll gain strength and drop body fat. Don't confuse gaining strength with gaining mass. Past that, all I can say is setup your diet plan and dive into the Strength Complexes and try it for yourself. I think the strength complexes have a few applications, good good good stuff!


Peri workout nutrition. Good dietary habits. Balls to the wall work out. Complexes.