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Question Regarding Shot Interval

Hey guys, a quick question. I am leaving the state tomorrow night and I wont return until Thursday. I took my first T shot on Wednesday, I am not really keen on traveling with my Testosterone vial and my syringes. Would it cause issues if I took my shot on Thursday(8 Days) when I got back instead of Wednesday? Currently I am taking 100MG once a week. Thanks for any advice!

Nope, you’re just starting. Steroid hormones are slow acting and long lasting.

alright cool man, my TRT guy said the same thing. That if I took a shot a day late or whatever it wouldn’t be a big issue. I just wanted to make sure, I don’t wanna F it up or feel like shit all week

Your levels aren’t even stable yet and won’t be until week 6, injecting a day late will be of no consequence.

When I travel I put a pre loaded syringe in a toothbrush holder. If you’re checking a bag it’s not a big deal

Have you ever had any issues with pressure while flying and either the syringes or vials leaking? The reason I ask is I take a liquid medication with screw on lids and sticky paper seals that you have to peel off after taking the cap off. The one time I flew with them almost all the bottles that were not standing up during flight had the seals burst and leaked. Fortunately the leakage was not enough to completely ruin my week in disney with my daughter, it could have been real bad though. Like hospitalized by mid week if enough was lost. I hate flying to begin with so I avoid it at all costs. Some day im sure I will have to board a plane again and the last thing I would want would be to get to my destination and find a burst vial and no way to get it refilled.

Not yet. But we’re talking about one syringe and I always put an air gap in them. The cap is always on the needle and its in the toothbrush holder, usually with cotton balls to keep it from bouncing around. If something did happen to it, then its just one shot and not the whole vial.

I know I’m late but I was looking to see if anyone had an issue with vial leaking on a plane. Turns out I did this week. I’ve flown with it many times before with no issue. This time was a very long and higher altitude international flight. Not sure 42,000 feet should matter that much vs 35,000…but this time, vial completely emptied out. There was probably only 4CC in there and maybe I made holes too close along the way. Anyway, confirmed. I does happen. I’m trying to get a new one and I bet it wont be easy. I’ll ask doc what they know about this and let you know.

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This thread is of enormous interest to me. I do 250 (give or take) flights a year on pressurized aircraft. Given that I take daily injections, that’s a lot of opportunity for vial leakage. Although I haven’t experienced any leakage yet I’m also very recently on TRT (2 months).

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I’m new at this forum. Do we need to start a thread on this topic to get the conversation going? Like you, 80for20, I fly alot. As a followup to my earlier post, the doc is trying to help get me a new script filled. Pharmacy pushing back. Know more tomorrow. I really hate that we are judged.

I might have a solution for you. If you can, try pre-filling all of your syringes and leave a significant air gap at the top. The narrowness of the syringe and the air gap may prevent the low pressure leakage.

Thanks. I use 1 ml syringes and inject .2 to .3 ml so maybe pull plunger back to .7? Does the orientation of the opening on the vial or syringe matter? Meaning do the opening need to be kept upright? Not sure what even causes the leak from the pressure change. Maybe I injected to much air in the bottle? Maybe I use the same hole to draw and it got too big so it leaked? Does anyone know if you can draw from any part of the rubber cover? There is an inside ring and outside ring. Are you only supposed to draw from inside? Thanks for the help for this newbie

I don’t know for sure, but I pull from inside the ring. Its definitely possible to poke a big enough hole for leakage and low pressure is essentially a vacuum.

Also, I store my prefilled syringes in a toothbrush holder. It keeps it from being pushed on and you can easily fit 2 or 3 insulin syringes in one. Put some cotton balls on each end to keep things still.

All great advice and thanks. I draw with an 18. Seems hefty. Maybe draw with smaller guage so holes not as big to help too?

True but so easy to draw with.

Has anyone found the orientation of the vial having any impact? Meaning if the air in the vial is on top and the vial is upright then the air is against the seal and will be pushed out before the liquid. However, if the vial is upside down with the liquid against the seal and the air pressing up against it from behind toward the seal then as the air in the vial expands it pushes liquid out of the seal like a plunger?