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Question Regarding Pulse Feast


Just wanted to ask if it is possible to pulse feast for weekdays, as i train on all 5 days, and then go back to my normal way of eating for weekends.




Thanks for the input. But have you tried it personally? I don't doubt you, but i want to make sure that it actually works for someone who has tried it out.


If you do it, do it on your lightest day or one of least training importance. It would be better done on days you are not working out though. And no I have not tried it. I fast Leangains style which means a lot of food after a workout.


He's asking about the pulse FEAST, not FAST, which is pretty similar to Leangains I believe (longer fasting period but with pulsing). So I think your leangains experience might be relevant here :slightly_smiling:


So i assume it is ok to do a 5 day pulse feast instead of having to do pulse feast daily?


LOL! sorry misread. That little "e" makes all the difference!

But yeah the results would be similar to regular fasting 16/8. I think the time you train would have a big impact on this scenario. Strength will be fine if you are eating enough after workouts. But what are your exact goals OP?


If you would have actually read the article, you would know that you can do it 1 day a week if you want. Does it say in the article? No. it's called comprehension.

It's a way of eating.

I've done both the Fast and the Feast. I prefer the occasional fast. I found myself "waiting" or even "salivating" in anticipation of my meal on the Feast.

I find that I always have a great work out on the day of the fast.

I also found the Feast not very sustainable for long term. But that's just me.

I tried it instead of posting and asking permission.


@ glitche - My main goal is to gain strength while secondary goal is to gain muscle mass.
@ JFG - i had read the article twice, but i think i missed out the tiny details which you had mentioned. But i really appreciate your input. I will try it out myself and determine if it works for me based on the results. the main reason i ask is because i have a very hectic schedule in school during weekdays and i find it hard to pop in 4 meals during lessons. I only manage to pop in 2 meals, thus i wanted to try to pulse feast because it suits my schedule better.


Well to be fair your overall diet is still the most important thing. I think youd do well to eat a few small meals where you can during the day and then workout and eat massive afterwards. I dont think you need to pulse feast for any particular reason. Dont stress about what you can get during the day. Manage what you can and make up for it in the evenings.


@glitche - I will try out your suggestion as well. Since I'm gonna purchase MAG-10 soon, i figured i could just compare a pulse feast day with a normal eating day then determine which 1 makes me feel better.


Sounds good. Let us know how you go.