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Question Regarding Program

Hey guys,

My name is Chet, I have lurked around here for a while, reading and learning. Started lifting in high school now after almost 10 years of off and on crap I have become more disciplined and reached a point in my life where I can stay consistant. I am currently 5’11 hanging around 230. Down 20 pounds after a 6 month rough spot of unemployment and so on.

I have recently started a new program I actually heard on here in the discussions of the Barbell Complexes article. Three days a week, each day consists of one of the bi three lifts- Bench, Squat, and deadlift. Im using 5x5 for those lifts, after which I do 2 or 3 sets of barbell complexes using reps of 6 and a very low weight as I just started them this week. Now then to the point…

I have a very physically demanding job, its part time but its 5 to 6 hours of non stop lifting and carrying of various items of all shapes and weights, all while outside. My question is, is the combination of my job and my choice of workout for the time being overkill? I have the energy to do the workout, its taking its toll, but definately manageable. Just looking for any insight on what you guys think, since this is where I usually come to learn something.

Thanks guys…

Btw, I also do a intermittent fast 3 times a week, saw it and thought I would give it a try for the summer, I know I know, not trying to fire anyone up but the evidence was compelling and I thought hey, why not. So I have been giving it a try. Not sure if I will stick with it, but it has helped me clean my diet up overall. So far, no far have seen a drop in body fat and no loss in muscle size. Anyway, just thought that needed to be put out there as it is part of the equation.

Honestly, lots of people here work out hard, and make progress, while working a very demanding job. I myself work in a warehouse for the summers, basically lifting heavy things 30-40 hours/week. You just need to eat more to compensate, and can actually make better gains, if you believe the whole G-flux thing (look it up).

As for the intermittent fast… I dunno about that, but if it seems to be working, I can’t say don’t do it. However, if you’re worried about doing too much, how can you possibly think fasting is a good idea?

Thanks for the reply bro. Been thinking about it and Im pretty much going to drop the fasting and push on and see what results I get. Id rather drop the fasting, beings it was just a trial run anyway, than have my workouts suffer or start skipping them.
I have no doubt the job and workout is do able, as you said a lot of people do it, just got to put the right fuel in my body to make it happen and reap the rewards.