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Question Regarding Primobolan Depot


Is injectable Primobolan Depot still being manufactured, and if so how heavily is it counterfeited?

I'm in Australia and have made a new acquaintance who is a walking smorgasboard. He's got everything I could ask for. A lot of it is rebottled, but has names, mg/ml and expiry dates. And all his tablets are in boxes. Ie-arimidex.
He said he's got deca200 at $35/ml, primobolan depot(100mg/ml) at$40/ml and stanazolol tabs at 3 each. Due to the bulk buy he's gonna knock $5 off each per ml and $1 off tabs.
A mate of mine has tried the primo and stana tabs and has had the expected effects, however large strength gains, so there's no reason to doubt the product either.
If you can give me any feedback on prices and Primo availability that'd be great.




if those prices are per ml. you are getting ripped off. and the winstrol prices are very high. i would tell this prick to give you some real prices. now if the prices u stated are are for a 10ml bottle then its a deal.
i would probably shop around.


He's in Australia. I'm pretty sure prices are highly elevated down under due to availablity and customs.


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10-15 $ per amp was what I saw it going for a few year back, and I was getting a good price from a good bro. And of course it was real. Now I don't really see amps, and around $80-120 per 10 ml bottle is pretty commmon price. LIke bushido said it's kinda questoinable as to whether it's worth it. BTW, if that is $40 per 10 ml vial then look at it this way, either it's legit and you have an AWESOME hookup, or it's fake and you're out $40 bucks, and you know this guys probably a d-bag.


Can anyone give me examples of cheaper Aussie prices?
I'm aware that's not cheap, but can't find anything better.

Giving me the shits.



Presumably, he gets his supplies from (or he) is Mr.S*m*a*, who is responsible for providing much of the real and rebottled gear in both Aus and NZ.
If this is the case, then it's undoubtedly real, and high quality.

However, prices aren't too great from him unless you are ordering 5 or more of each 10ml vial.

Maybe you want to look into stealth injectables or paper products...