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Question Regarding PCT

Hi there

Im a lil confused so i thought yus might b able to give me a hand.
I ran 750mg ena for about 25 weeks. Followed it up with propi into clomid. Took another 4 weeks off and went back into it. Reason being is prolly the issues nd stress im dealing with @ work.
Ive been back on for about 2 weeks now and came to the conclusion that i rather stop with BB after 7 years intensive training and that lifestyle that goes with it. It seems everything got outa hand and its not what it once used to be. A passion.

Anyways , im intending to stay on until about week 10 and go for another diet to make that cycle at least worth it. What would you guys recommend to go 4 considering that ma last PCT wasnt rly top notch.

Lil about me :
Age 21
Weight on : 108kg off : 100
Bodyfat around 13.5 %

Appreciate ur tipps & criticism

First, please spell correctly. Second, I would post cycle with clomid 100/100/50/50 and ralox 60/60/60/60. Put in a low dose of arimistane or exemestane, and throw in some daa 3/3/3/3. 10 mg zinc, 5000 iu vitamin D daily. Then some sort of herb for your libido. No need for caber or b6 pyrodoxine.

except for the fact that you ran 750mgs for 25weeks (6months)…

Umm… What the fuck does any of that mean?

Also, you ran test for 25 weeks and only gained 16lbs? Are you fucking kidding me?