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Question Regarding Muscle Density


My question regarding Muscle Density is what types of exercises and Rep+Set range build dense muscle fibers?
Im under the impression this is lower reps+heavy ass weight to really tear down the muscle and rebuild it thicker.

My second question is if I was to focus on this type of training does it also increase my hypertrophy/muscle size at a decent pace?


What are your current stats? How long have you trained? Using which methods? What are your goals?



Almost two years. I used High Rep training (8-10 reps) for most of the two years to build size. I focused on building individual muscle groups, one day at a time. My workouts now are one exercise for each muscle group, broken down into Upper and Lower days.

Ex: Upper Day 1
Chest - Chest Flye
Shoulders - Arnold Press
Triceps - Tri Pushdowns
Back - One arm DB Row
Biceps - EZ Bar Curls

Now I just want to turn my "squishy" or "softer" muscle tissue into thicker stronger muscle. I've started doing some Powerlifting and have enjoyed it so far


I would say heavy barbell training would be good way to put on some size. What type of powerlifting? A specific program?


On the days I do a Powerlift I'll do it like this. It will be a Max Set Rep and the Powerlift will be the first exercise I do that training day.

Box Squat: Aim for 3 Max Reps

Then I'll carry on with the rest of the workout


BTW. Muscle tissue isn't squishy or soft. Fat is. Being less fat would make you less squishy.

Try to get stronger and that will allow you to use higher weights in the higher rep ranges.


Check out HP Mass.


Any proven program for that matter.


Best line ever!

also VERY true




Individual muscle FIBERS are not dense or (whatever the opposite of dense is in this situtation).

Muscle GROUPS become dense as indvidual muscle fibers grow, individual muscle cells are added, fat decreases.

To think that a rep scheme can change the way your individual muscle fibers appear visually means you have no grasp of biology.


........ OP, I'm 6 inches shorter than you and I also weigh 205. my belly's got a layer of squish on top of the abs but you could bounce a quarter off pretty much any other flexed muscle.

you need to train and eat quite a bit more aggressively....


so higher reps do not tone????? :open_mouth: