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question regarding HST

I can’t wait to start this program. I really like the science behind it, and interestingly enough, I’ve always had the feeling that I’m not training frequently enough, but for some reason, never gave much credence to that notion…until reading about HST. Anywho, my question is this: before beginning the program, I should have my max lifts for each exercise for each rep range (15, 10, etc). How are people calculating these values?? Should I be doing max tests for EACH rep scheme for EACH exercise?? Or can I max out on one rep scheme per exercise (say, 10 reps) and use a max chart to extrapolate what weights I’d be using for the other rep schemes (15, 5, etc)?? I hope my question is easily understood, and I’d appreciate all replies. Thanks.

You can do both. Finding all your maxes is always more acurate than using a calculator. For instant, if you’re not used to train in the 15 rep range your body will be weaker at it than predicted by the calculator.

It’s probably better to go to the HST site and do a search there as all your questions have been asked before.