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Question Regarding HCG Use During PCT

I just finished a 10 week cycle of test e/masteron and am about to do a traditional 4 week PCT (40/40/20/20) using nolvadex. I’ve been using hcg throughtout my cycle (250 ius e3d) and also proviron during the last 2 weeks (50mg/day). Now I know I should discontinue the hcg use during the 2 weeks immediately after my cycle, but what about during weeks 13 to 16? I’ve seen different thoughts on this. So, my current pct looks like this:

weeks 11 and 12: proviron 50mg/day, aromasin 10mg/eod

weeks 13 to 16: nolva 40/40/20/20 mg per day, hcg???

Any input would be appreciated?

Stop the Hcg before you start the Nolva.

You can taper the aromasin down to zero during your PCT.

Would there be any benefit to using hcg during my pct? I just started my first week of nolva and haven’t used any hcg in 14 days; strength is still pretty good, dropped a few pounds.