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Question Regarding AIs on a Steroid Cycle

Hello there! Was just wondering, I have high estrogen and I want to lower it with arimidex, while taking 600mg test c and 400mg masteron per week. Will I just do 0.5mg arimidex eod and will it eventually lower, or do I need to do a higher dose of arimidex to lower estrogen first then do 0.5mg arimidex eod to maintain these levels? Can’t get erections, and started taking 0.5mg arimidex everyday and I have noticed a massive difference in my mood, before I was bitchy and very snappy, now I’m not. However, my erections/morning wood is still not there, but libido is high for some reason. And also, could by any chance taking 0.5mg arimidex everyday knock my estrogen from high to low that quick without me even knowing? Thanks for your time.

Forgot to add, have always used aromasin as my AI but now can’t get hold of it locally anymore and arimidex or letrozole is my only option. Thanks!