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Question Regarding Acute Pain in Leg

Last week while I was doing leg curls I was a bit distracted so I didn’t really control the negative as much as I really should have (read: barely at all) and I started getting some pain in the medial section of the back of my knee. After the third set I couldn’t do any more since it had grown sharper. For the next few days it hurt a bit (3-4 on a scale of 10) but it faded.

Fast forward to today when I was doing leg curls again. I was doing controlled negatives and rotated my leg a bit in a few directions to see if I could get some relief, but the pain came back and wouldn’t leave while I was doing them. Like last week I stopped after the third set.

Now for the questions. First, what’s causing the pain? I think it’s the tendon of my semitendinosus/semimembranosus, but I’m not sure. Second, do you have any suggestions for what to do? I’m obviously going to be taking a month or so off from doing any leg curls to ensure that it fully heals, but I just wanted to be sure that there isn’t anything more I should do.

A month??

Are you an 84 year old woman with a muscle wasting disease?

Give it a few days. If the pain begins to subside during normal daily activities you probably arent seriously injured. Take some anti-inflammatories if you need to. Ease back in to training. Do very light sets no where close to failure. Stop the exercise all together before you feel anything close to pain. The next time push it a bit further.

You probably hyperextended something. Or you have a partial tear in a tendon. Or fucked up some of the cartilage.

Fair enough