Question Re: Water Retention

Hey guys, long time lurker first time poster. Normally I just search the site for the answers I’m looking for and this is the first time I haven’t found the exact answer to the question I have.

On week two of a 12 week test cycle with 6 week oral win kickstart and have gained about 7 pounds in what I’m assuming is water retention. I’ve read that winstrol does have mild water retention but does 7 pounds after two weeks sound right on a 215 pound guy? I have AIs stocked and ready to go but wasn’t going to hit them until PCT unless I got tingly nips or other side effects - is it worth using them to deal with water weight? I’m also curious - is water retention a factor when using a tape measure?

Test can hold water as well. Running an AI will reduce the bloat.

yeah man an AI would help alot im assuming ur using adex? .25mg EOD even if you dont have nipple issues is a good starting point. You wont really hinder your estrogen too much but it will help flush out the extra water