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Question re: Surge


Inspired by some of the comments i read on another thread here....

Is there any problem with mixing up your Surge (and potentially creatine and glutamine) the night before? Does it matter if it sits in the fridge overnight?



I did it a few times, not on purpose mind you. The creatine breaks down to creatinine if it sits in solution for awhile. Don't know about the glut.


It will likely all settle to the bottom (with a shaker bottle it really only takes about 20 seconds to mix it anyhow)


Won't taste as good.


It'll taste like crap. Most pre-mixed shakes do.

Don't you have the time to make it when you're going to drink it?

What's that ... 45 seconds?


Thanks for the responses....

As for me feeling the need to pre-mix it....im such a slow fuck in the morning that the more i can get done the night before, the quicker ill get to the gym, then off to school, etc. Sounds crazy, but all the little "45 second" things i need to do in the AM before i head out add up to 30 min or so....

Anyways, Char, as far as the taste, Ive actually been doing it this way for about a year now and i think it tastes just fine. But if im sacrificing any "effectiveness", I think ill just suck it up and make it that morning like yall suggest....


I put the powder and anything else I want to add to it in an empty container that I use just for my Surge and toss it in my gym bag and add water during my workout and start sipping. Why do you add water the night before?


Yeah I just bring the powder in my quart bottle to the club, and add the water on site right after I warmup and walk into the weight area. Mixes easily so it's a piece of cake
(unlike some competitors products which end up chalky as hell unless you blend them).