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Question Re: Front/Back Ratio

My question is regarding front and back development.

I know the bench press blues will give you the caveman look, but can it be reveresed? Can you have an overdeloped p-chain and back compared to your front?

I have been neglecting my quads and chest and focusing on deads and other p-chain work in hopes of correcting any imblances. Can I go to far? How can I know when I have a healthy ratio, are there any tests? Rows vs Bench, Squat vs Deadlift.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks guys

I’m sure you can go to far, but my guess is you won’t. Seeing as you are aware of the possibility makes it much less likely to happen. Most people could probably use a cycle that didn’t include chest to help with muscular balance, so finish your current cycle and keep all future programs geared to your goals. As far as ratios, I think I can remember seeing something re. this. Equal weights and reps from BOR’s and BP. 2:1 ratio quads to hamstrings on something like leg ext to leg curls. Hope this is helpful–if someone is more current or up to date with strength ratios feel free to correct.