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Question on your Protein Intake Recommendations

Hey Paul and everyone else,

I recently saw your post on instagram about protein intake.I also know you were big on dogcrapp training, where most (on forums that this type of training is discussed), recommend huge amounts of protein.Do you still stand by your recommendations of .8 - 1 gram / pound on a surplus and 1 - 1.4 grams / pound on a cut, even for people doing training like dc? Is there any benefit to natural trainees on going beyond that, when training like that?

Talking about natties

Everyone else’s opinion is of course welcomed

P.s protein up to 2 grams per pound is kinda rough on the wallet, so I’m hoping for a certain answer to be honest :laughing:

I asked Paul this question along with @kd13 after Paul had written about ~1g/lb being the sweet spot but having simultaneously endorsed DC training and he answered that there are 0 benefits over 1g/lb. That would be his answer. There are those who disagree, but he was clear as day on that one. If I recall correctly, he was borderline pissed off about having even been asked it.

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Yeap, I can imagine that.Having followed the dude a bit on instagram and gone through some of his work, I was either expecting no response or a kinda pissed one :laughing:

Shocker, haha.


Good news is he’ll never see the question since it’s posted on this forum

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Are you saying he doesn’t look at his T Nation Forum anymore?

Find a thread he replied to, click on his username (Paul_Carter), and go to “activity” in his profile. Last replies are from February 13th. He made some replies a few months later under some new username but mostly it looks like he’s done.

That’s what I have been thinking for awhile. Was just curious who else has caught on.

To be clear, I don’t really care or think it’s a bad thing… just seems weird to have this forum here if he doesn’t remain active in it while he does remain active elsewhere.

Has he contributed any new articles to the site? I haven’t really been following . I know they recycle articles but haven’t seen anything new. But again I don’t follow along to much.

Edit: well with very little effort i found his last article. it looks like his last article was in May. :man_shrugging:t3:

I’d wondered if anyone in charge had any issue with how he’d interacted with some posters last winter and if any words were exchanged, leading to his apparent departure.

Totally guessing though, haha.

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Shutup, Fat Greg.


I almost let that get to me, but then I remembered:


Ya big FRUIT LOOP!! Ah yes, good times…

LMAO my favourite Paul carter insult

This post turned way better than I expected

Possible that he is bipolar or something?

Sure doesnt seem to follow his own advice :joy:

Can we start a petition and get Cole Robinson to take over his forum?

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