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Question On WS4SB

i have 2 questions with this program. Are you suppoesed to switch the exercises every 1 week, or 2 weeks, or whatever example on the max effort upper body lifting day do i do reagular bench press for 2 weeks the wich to anyoth max effor lift?

also how could i add olymic lifts into this program?

thank you

Well I know some people who want an extra leg day, make the new leg day a DE day and do power cleans on the ME day and then do Hang Cleans on the DE day, with power cleans obviously being ME and hangs being DE

how often should i switch the exerices though

i believe it is supposed to be every 3 weeks. i think i read that on elitefts.com or westside’s site. i’m sure that wuld apply to defranco’s version also.

i’d switch every 3 weeks. enough time to see an improvement but not burnout.

if you’re just starting and doing bench/squat I would probably go for 4 weeks before switching and then keep it to 2 min. 3 max.

i’ve used this program extensively since it came out. any questions pm me b/c i probably wont reread this thread