Question on When to Take Protein

For about a year and a half now i have always been taking protein after my workouts. Just WPI mainly. The other day our strength trainer at school said to take the protein approx. 45min-1hout before the workout then eat a complex carb after to provoke growth hormone. I’m confused and want to know your opinions on this.

Currently I’m using Gold Standard. But i saw the Award Winning protein and am curious on trying that out.

Based on things I have read on the interwebs, many experts are in agreement that a simple carb source + fast acting protein is the perfect POST workout nutritional soup.

There’s nothing wrong with drinking protein shakes before a workout, after a workout, after using the restroom, or pre or post coitus. Give it a shot and see if it works for you. If it doesn’t, my personal opinion would be to stop doing the thing that isn’t working for you.


honestly man it really doesn’t matter. i don’t like taking a shake (or anything for that matter) 90 min or less before i lift, b/c i feel funny.

just take it right after.

I’d say the sooner the better. The sooner you can nutrients into your system after breaking down your muscles, the better of you’ll be. Just seems like common sense.

Also, whether you’re bulking or cutting, you’re usually eating 6-8 meals a day, so the sooner you get the shake down, the sooner you get to your next ‘real’ meal, and so on.

Surge is great…or just powerade and whey.