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Question on Westside for Skinny Bastards Upper Rep Day


I train at home for upper repetition day, which I use pull ups as my main repetition exercises. The next exercises in the template is a vertical pull/rear delt superset. Since i train at home for this workout, would it make sense to just to dumbbell or recline rows instead, since I already did a vertical pull for the main repetition movement, or with a pushing movement (e.g. push ups, dips)? The wsfsb upper repetition template is:

1. Repetition Exercise – choose one of the following exercises and perform 3 sets of max reps OR 4 sets of 12-15 reps:
	* Flat DB bench press (palms in or out)
	* Incline DB bench press (palms in or out)
	* DB bench press on Swiss ball (palms in or out)
	* DB floor press (palms in)
	* Push-up variations
	* Chin-up variations
	* Barbell bench press (55-60% of 1RM)
2. Vertical pulling / Rear delt superset – Superset one exercise from “Group 1” with one exercise from “Group 2.” Perform 3-4 supersets of 8-12 reps of each exercise.
	* Group 1
		* Lat pulldowns (various bars)
		* Chin-ups (don’t perform these if you chose to do chin-ups for your first exercise)
		* Straight arm pulldowns
	* Group 2
		* Rear delt flyes
		* Scarecrows
		* Face pulls
		* Seated DB “power cleans”
		* Band pull-aparts
3. Medial delts – choose one of the following exercises and perform 4 sets of 8-12 reps:
	* DB lateral raises
	* L-lateral raises
	* Cable lateral raises
	* DB military press
	* DB side press
4. Traps / Arms superset – Superset one exercise from “Group 1” with one exercise from “Group 2.” Perform 3 supersets.
	* Group 1 (Perform 8-10 reps)
		* DB shrugs
		* Barbell shrugs
		* Safety squat bar shrugs
		* Behind the back barbell shrugs
	* Group 2
		* Barbell curls (8-10 reps each set)
		* DB curls (8-10 reps each set)
		* Seated Incline DB curls (8-10 reps each set)
		* Hammer curls (8-10 reps each set)
		* Zottmann curls (8-10 reps each set)
		* Iso-hold DB curls (8-10 reps each set)
		* DB triceps extensions (10-15 reps each set)
		* Triceps pushdowns (15-25 reps each set)
5. Grip / Forearms – choose one of the following exercises:
	* Wrist roller (2-3 sets of 2-3 reps)
	* Thick bar or heavy DB holds (2-3 sets of max time)
	* Plate pinch gripping (2-3 sets of 2-3 reps)
	* Captains of Crush gripper (3 sets of max reps each hand)
	* Rice digs (3 timed sets)

End Note: I go to a gym to use the barbells, but I’m not going to drive to the gym for just the lat pulldown machine, when I have a dip stand, pull up bar, and dumbbells at my house.



Just keep the vertical pullin for the second movement. You will be switching the first movement every 1 to 3 weeks anyway, so spending that small of an amount of time being redundant isnt the biggest deal. Besides, everyone could stand to do some more chins.

Use a different grip than your first movement for your secong movement to create variety.


Yep, I’d go with this. You’re doing them for a different rep range anyhow so, especially with a different grip, it’ll be a different stimulus. Or you could do dumbbell pullovers (on a decline or slight decline, if possible) which is basically a “straight-arm pulldown” with free weights.


Good idea on using a different grip. Rope pull ups, side to side pull ups, standard, neutral grip, there are so many varieties.


Get some bands and just do a DIY lat pulldown type move.

Also can you do around 20 clean pullups? If not I would pick another RE excercise. Dumbell rows maybe


No, I can do around 9-10 clean pull ups (bodyweight of175 lbs). I’ll have to go back and re read that section and am double check the rep range it needs to be at


Yeah, Its not carved in stone but you want to be able to do 3-4 sets of 12-20 reps. So pullups would be a pretty tricky move.
Personally I would say go closer to 20 reps with whatever excercises you choose -basically giving your body a markedly different stimulus from ME day


yea, I’ll do that in the future. DeFranco does give an example on the wsfsb 3 page, dumbbell pressing 65 lbs for 25 reps. I ended up using dips today, getting 10 reps, 12, and 10 for the 3 sets. For now i’ll stick with push up variations, dumbbell presses, and rows (dumbbell, inverted).