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Question on Waterbury's ABBH-1

For all of those who are familiar with this program - I have a question for you.

Yesterday I did day 5 of the program, which calls for 5x10 dips and pull-ups (I’m not doing any direct arm work).

Now I admit, I’ve been guilty in the past of the 2hr overtraining specials, so I know that this program will be less volume than I’m used to.
But I was done with my workout yesterday in under 14 minutes. 10 sets, 60 sec rest between each. 14 minutes.
Am I missing something? To me, that doesn’t seem like enough, but I’m probably wrong.

Another thing is it calls for 60% of 1RM. So, to be honest, I never really struggled at any point during the 14 minutes (it felt like I had about 4-5 more reps in me for every set).

Am I doing this right? I’m worried I might not be. Any advice / experience with the program would be appreciated.

thanks in advance-

Sounds like you did everything fine. I usually add 2-3 sets for direct arm work afterwards, but that’s just a personal preference. If I include a light cardio warmup, light stretching, and 2-3 warmup sets for each exercise, it usually takes me 35-45 minutes. It’s nice to be in and out of the gym within an hour.

Once Ive done the first workout of 5x10, if I feel it was too light, I’ll use a little more weight next time, but still keep it light enough that I’m not getting too close to failure even on the last set.

I find that the heavier 10x3 workout wears me down pretty good, so I like that the following workout for the same muscle is kind of a light day. I believe the 10x3 day is the real core of the program, that’s the workout that you’ll be getting most of the gains from, so I wouldn’t worry about making the 5x10 workout too intense.